Thinking About

I like it when market trends signal joy

Photo: Denis Tuksar/Unsplash

Thinking About

Stale airplane smell is gross and charming and it helps me remember myself

Photo: Suhyeon Choi/Unsplash

In 2021, pregnancy isn’t the conversation — technology is

Photo: Bruno Martins/Unsplash

Pandemic Reflections

There is always a new voice, always a new idea. It never quiets here.

Photo: Pola Damonte/Getty Images

It will be your turn soon

Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Yale professor Akiko Iwasaki, PhD, shares a working hypothesis

Insights from former CDC director Tom Frieden

Photo: Mika Baumeister/Unsplash

How the body responds to pain

Photo: Mitchell Hollander/Unsplash

Screen eyes are tired eyes. So what to do about it?

Pandemic Winter Health Hacks

Give your mind and body all you can right now

Kate Green Tripp

Senior Editor, Health & Wellness @ Medium. I write and edit stories about health, science, well-being, and behavior. But sometimes I just write.

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