It’s easy to label ourselves the obvious stuff: I’m a sister, a teacher, nearsighted, Canadian. We do this in our heads all the time of course, as well as in response to questions the world lobs us via small talk, paperwork, or inquiry. But when it comes to descriptors we’re not so sure we deserve, labels can feel tricky — even loaded.

You’re here (most likely) because you write. Maybe you write a lot. But do you call yourself a writer? Is doing so a struggle or do you feel at home in that identity? Medium is a place where millions of us write. I’m curious how many see ourselves as writers. Do you?

Thinking About

Photo: Jan Kahánek / Unsplash

I’d be hard pressed to name anything in my life that elicits the kind of inconsistent feedback divorce seems to prompt.

  • Wait, you did what by yourself? Amazing.
  • I’m really sorry, how awful.
  • Oh my God, I’m so jealous.
  • How are you really? I cannot imagine.
  • Not gonna lie —…

Thinking About

Photo: Markus Spiske/Unsplash

I grew up in a household where ‘running errands’ was a circadian behavior. Sleep, work, school, meals, yard work, and errands (by car) were our big 6. Church was a maybe, exercise and socializing happened when they happened, and once in a while we went to the movies. …

Thinking About

Photo: Suhyeon Choi/Unsplash

I am sitting on an airplane, typing.

This behavior is old, this habit familiar — in a good way. I quite like hurtling thought the sky while structuring thoughts on the page.

And yet I’m rusty.

This flight is my umpteenth, but also my first (in 16 months). The plane…

Kate Green Tripp

Senior Manager @ Medium. I edit stories and chase ideas about health, science, and well-being. I also write and, most of all, belong outside.

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