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There’s a saying in my house.

Or rather, there’s something Mom (that’s me) says to the teenagers who live in my house: “Please have sex in a field.”

I’ll let the weirdness of that sink in while I brace for impact on this end. My kids are sure to melt…

Thinking About

Photo: Denis Agati / Unsplash

I’ve been thinking about my relationships lately, the crown jewels in particular. And by that, I mean all types and vintages — the ones I was born into (or were born unto me), the ones I groomed painstakingly over the years, the ones I’ve fallen into with ease or by…

Thinking About

Photo: Jan Kahánek / Unsplash

I’d be hard pressed to name anything in my life that elicits the kind of inconsistent feedback divorce seems to prompt.

  • Wait, you did what by yourself? Amazing.
  • I’m really sorry, how awful.
  • Oh my God, I’m so jealous.
  • How are you really? I cannot imagine.
  • Not gonna lie —…

Kate Green Tripp

Senior Manager @ Medium. I edit stories and chase ideas about health, science, culture, and innovation. I also write and, most of all, belong outside.

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